Here’s what our advertisers are saying!

The Bearded Lady Saloon

“This review is long over due for Pahrump Life Magazine! Not only is the magazine a great way to stay up to date on local events and news but Ron and Marion go above and beyond to help out the community! They have always been there for me and my business’ to help me grow and get my name out there. Pahrump Life Magazine isn’t just a business, they are family. Thank you for all you do for our community and I encourage others to support this local magazine!” ~Kelli Sater

Groover Realty

“Groover Realty has advertised in Pahrump Life Magazine for several years now. We are impressed with the response from our ad and just how many readers enjoy this publication and our ads. Pahrump Life is full of good news about Pahrump and our great people that live here.”   ~Linda and Steve Groover

American Family Insurance

“I’ve been advertising with Pahrump Life for many years now and I am very satisfied with the qualify of the magazine. Content is always interesting, entertaining, educational, up-to-date, community based and relevant. Price of ad’s are very reasonable for the amount of exposure your business will receive from your local community.” ~Jesse McCullough

Here’s what our readers are saying!

John M. in Pahrump

“I have Pahrump Life shipped to my son who is doing heavy time in the Virginia prison system. Since he is a vet, he is in a veterans pod. Pahrump Life Magazine is the favorite publication in the pod. They have a pecking order on who gets to read it when. There is something for everyone and they all read it, 40 plus people. So thank you for what you do, a lot of people really enjoy and get a lot of good info from your magazine.” ~John M.

Pahrump Life Magazine

Pahrump Life Magazine provides human interest stories and topics about the people and places that make Pahrump Nevada a unique place to live, work, and raise a family.

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