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Feature Stories
8 – What is the Role of the Pahrump Community Library Board of Trustees?
32 – New Urgent Care Facility Offers Efficiency, Value, and Convenience.

In This Issue
4 – A Word from Our Publisher
14 – Our Veterans, Our Heroes. Arnold (Arnie) Breitenbach, Spec 4 (E-4), US Army
26 – Faces of Our Presidents. Warren G. Harding; Calvin Coolidge
38 – The Role of Our Federal Government. The Judicial Branch
44 – Busy Living. Marilyn Davis…A Woman of Many Talents
50 – Spotlight on Service Organizations. Rotary Club’s Motto… Service Above Self
56 – Stay Stopped. You Are What You Eat – Becoming Your Better, Sober Self
60 – The Art Corner. Sprinkled With Love
64 – Pets Enrich Our Lives. Fabulous, Frolicking Ferrets
68 – Healthy Living. Safely Detox Your Body Without Cleanses
70 – Wills & Trusts. Who is in Control of Your Assets – You or the State of Nevada?
74 – Financial Focus. Should You Make Extra Mortgage Payments?
76 – Tech Tips by Josh. The Most Common Issues We See at Our Computer Repair Center…and How to Avoid Them
78 – Humorous Observations
80 – Recipe Box. Blueberry Detox Smoothie
82 – Dining Life. List of Pahrump Restaurants Mystery Diner: Rubalcaba’s Mexican Restaurant
90 – Events & Entertainment. Exciting Events
92 – Volunteer Connection
94 – Places of Worship in Pahrump
100 – Business & Service Directory
106 – Advertiser Index

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