Feature Stories

6 – Learn to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones
24 – Rum and Mead Come to Pahrump
54 – Learn How to Train Your Dog to be a Service Dog

In This Issue

4 – A Word from Our Publisher
12 – Our Veterans, Our Heroes Arlington National
Cemetery – Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
18 – Faces of Our Presidents Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan
32 – Founding Defenders The Presidential Executive Order
36 – Busy Living Michael Griffin Sought a Slower Pace and
Found Pahrump
40 – Stay Stopped The Importance of Honesty and Integrity
for Everyone, But Especially for Recovering Addicts
44 – The Art Corner Handcrafted by PJ
48 – Healthy Living The Harsh Truth About Eating While
You’re Distracted
50 – Stand and Defend Communism, Atheism, and
Gun Control
58 – Wills & Trusts Stop the Public Guardian’s Office from
Controlling You and Destroying Your Life!
60 – Financial Focus Don’t Let Fears Drive Your
Investment Choices
62 – Tech Tips by Josh What Do I Buy? A Desktop, Laptop
or Tablet?
63 – Recipe Box No-Bake Dark Chocolate Coconut Cookies
64 – Dining Life List of Pahrump Restaurants
Mystery Diner: O Happy Bread
72 – Volunteer Connection
74 – Places of Worship in Pahrump
82 – Business & Service Directory
90 – Advertiser Directory

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